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Avg Rating: 4.7

Sabrina Vital Stats:
Height:  5' 10"
Age:  22
Measurements:  34C-26-36
Fun Fact:  I Drink 2 Pots of Coffee a Day :-)
Marital Status:  Married too young
Astrological Sign:  Hometown: Boston. MA
Favorite Position:  The Lazy Dog

Growing up in Boston, Sabrina was exposed to many people and activities. This Brunette Babe totally got into flying, aviation and anything that goes.... "up"! The day she was old enough to skydive she signed herself up and never looked back. Since then, she has become a flight attendent and loves every minute of her job (and the pilots). Traveling all over the world is her dream come true and she has no plans of doing anything different; except to go skydiving again! Sabrina is why we love to fly the "friendly skies"!!
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Sabrina 01 Black CheckerBoard

Tags: 1 Piece - Swimsuits & Teddies , Brunettes, Outdoors, Sheer See-Thru