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Nicole Jaimes Vital Stats:
Height:  5'3"
Age:  25
Measurements:  36B-24-32
Fun Fact:  I can hussle anyone at a game of Pool!
Marital Status:  Oh So Single
Astrological Sign:  Hometown: Clarksville, TN
Favorite Position:  It's my secret ;-)

Nicole Jaimes is so much more than a hot blonde.....She loves cars too! Nicole was always interested in cars and watched a lot of racing when she grew up in Tennessee. She used to only date guys with cool cars, or classic old cars, just so she could drive the car. She loves the feel of muscle cars rumbling and thinks there is nothing like a joyride in an awesome car! Because of Nicole's love for cars, she started rebuilding old cars in her brother's garage and got hooked! She now works at a garage and in her spare time she runs her own restoration shop (from her own garage). Miss Nicole is very single, but says her true love is the car she is restoring! Nicole Jaimes is hard to resist, with her hot body, long blonde hair and she works on cars!!! Sign us up for a Lube and Oil change!
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Nicole 01 Gold Body Thong
Nicole Jaimes

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