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Mindy Vital Stats:
Height:  5'6"
Age:  20
Measurements:  34A-26-34
Fun Fact:  She Loves a Big Juicy Steak!
Marital Status:  Why? See Something You Like?
Astrological Sign:  Hometown: San Jose, CA
Favorite Position:  Submerged in Water

Mindy is the girl hat you run into on the street and in stores and feel like you know her (or have met her before). The reason you think you know Mindy is because you see her everywhere! She has been an extra in over 15 different movies. Always cast as the "girl in restaurant", screaming girl that runs from building". She gets to meet so many big name stars and LOVES her job. So, next time you are watching a movie, make sure you pay attention to the "extras", you might just recognize our Mindy!
Mindy Updates

Mindy 01 Floral Bikini

Tags: Bikinis, Brunettes, Outdoors